An AWS Hackathon app: a digital literacy partner for older age groups explaining AI/ML with respect and empathy.  






Prompt engineering / AI / UI


solo project

Digli: Your digital literacy partner

Key to building responsible AI is ensuring that it is inclusive and accessible to all. Considering the complexity of AI/ML, generating understanding requires tailored strategies.

Older generations present a unique challenge. If I were confused, I would have no issue with asking ChatGPT or Gemini to "explain X to me as if I were the village idiot." Assuming older users would do the same is misguided. Not being familiar with recent technological advancements can lead to embarrassment and damage self-esteem for older individuals in a society prone to undervaluing the elderly. Additionally, older users are unlikely to use AI bots or know how to specify prompts for customized output.

Enter Digli.

Digli explains highly technical concepts while honoring the user's intelligence and experience. It makes them feel valued, not out of touch.

*The AWS PartyRock Hackathon will be judged mid-April.

Users input their name, age, the topic they'd like to learn about, and most importantly their own area of expertise.

Digli then explains AI/ML topics by drawing parallels to the user's area of expertise.
Digli not only simplifies learning but also enriches it, making every explanation a validation of the user's knowledge and life experience.
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